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Force Measurement
Chatillon offers a complete range of products including:
Mechanical Force Gauges

The Chatillon® LG Series mechanical force gauge is ideal for tensile or compression force measurement applications up to 100 lbf, 50 kgf or 500 N. This unidirectional force gauge has one end dedicated to tensile tests and the other dedicated to compressive tests. The gauge features a large 2-1/4-inch dial which rotates 360-degrees for taring. A peak hold button is easy to use- it holds the pointer at the peak load. The LG Series has a force measurement accuracy of better than 0.5% full scale and included mechanical overload protection. The gauge is available in lbf, kgf and N units. The gauge comes with a Certificate of Calibration with NIST data, accessories and carrying case.

New Digital Force Gauges – DFXII, ±0.3% FS accuracy

The CHATILLON® DFXII Series is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement. The DFXII is available in four capacities (10lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf, 200 lbf) and features an integral load cell with a measurement accuracy of better than 0.3% full scale. The DFXII Series operates using a rechargeable NiMH battery pack and can operate with using the supplied universal charger as well. The battery eliminator is supplied with a US, UK and EURO style plug. Under battery operation, the DFXII Series will operate for 70 - 100 hours of continuous use. A large, easy-to-read, high resolution dot matrix LCD display supports a variety of standard gauge functions including normal and peak readings. Loads are displayed in ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N units. The display language may be setup to indicate in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese. The DFXII Series’ calibration procedure in included in the gauge’s setup. The DFXII Series force gauges come with a carrying case, universal battery charger, flat and hook adapters. The DFXII Series is supplied with an optional Certificate of Calibration with NIST data.

The DFXII may also be supplied with special attachments for use in ergonomic, functional capacity, job task analysis or physical assessment and therapy applications.

Other New Digital Force Gauges

  • DFEII - ±0.25% FS accuracy – RS232, USB connection
  • DFSII - ±0.1% FS accuracy – RS232, USB connection, Bluetooth
Motorized Test Stands

The CHATILLON® LTCM-100 Series is an economical, motorized tester ideal for production environments, research & development laboratories and quality functions. The LTCM-100 may be used for tensile, compression, peel, and flexural testing when combined with a Chatillon DF Series force gauge. A large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat is perfect for large sample testing. The platform features pre-drilled holes for custom fi xturing or for use with Chatillon fixtures. The crosshead travel is selectable in either inches per minute or millimeters per minute. The speed range is 0.2 to 20 inches/min (5 to 500 mm/min). A dial is used to set the speed requirement and a digital display indicates the speed selected to 0.1 resolution. Crosshead travel is 15 inches (380mm). An Up and Down switch is used to control crosshead travel direction.

Digital Force Testers (New!)

The Chatillon® CS Series digital force testers are revolutionary systems optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics to name a few. No personal computer is required; no proprietary software is required; no knowledge of programming languages is required. Two options are available. Both the CS225 and CS1100 provide you with an easy-to-use, intuitive and straight-forward method for tensile testing, compression testing, sheer testing, flexural testing or advanced multi-stage testing that conform to ISO or ASTM testing procedures. With the CS Series you can


  • Limit testing to load, displacement or time
  • Break testing – sharp or percentage
  • Multi-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements

When high test repeatability and documentation of results is important, but you don’t need advanced materials test functionality, the CS Series is an excellent choice.

Grips & Fixtures:

We offer a selection of grips and fixtures for force measurement applications. We also offer a complete array of grips and fixtures for material testing applications. If you do not see what you need, contact us for assistance. We are able to custom make the grips and fixtures to meet your applications.

Compression Plattens Rectanglur Plattens Jacob Chucks
Grip & Fixtures Categories
  • Adhesion Fixtures
  • Bending & Flexural Fixtures
  • Chucks
  • Coefficient of Friction Fixtures
  • Compression Platens
  • Food Analysis Fixtures
  • Peel Fixtures
  • Pneumatic Grips
  • Probes
  • Self-Tightening Grips
  • Vice Action Grips
  • Wedge Action Grips
  • Wire Analysis Grips
We also offer customised force testing devices to meet customers' requirement. Please contact us for further information.