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Torque Measurement
Torque Gauge :

Chatillon torque gauges which are ideal for production, laboratory and maintenance applications. The DFSII-R Series gauge uses an interchangeable STS Series torque sensor for torque measurement or the SLC sensors for load measurement. The torque sensor plugs into the gauge and the gauge will provide accurate peak torque readings and direction of torque indication.


Crane's product range covers application requirements before, during and after the assembly operation, enabling tool capability assessment, process capability assessment and control, and process verification.

Crane Electronics offers a complete range of torque products including:

Intelligent Digital Torque Wrenches :

IQWrench Opta is a high specification digital torque and angle wrench with modular software. It is a powerful, smart torque tool which is essential in both the Quality Audit and Assembly environments. Depending on customer needs, the IQWrench Opta can be configured as either a basic tool or an advanced data collection system.

Key Features:
  • Removes need for separate torque readout and wrench
  • Torque range from 1-1500Nm
  • Ergonomic & light design
  • Large memory
  • Advanced SPC capabilities including multiple torque graphs
  • Wireless communication options
  • Bi-directional communication with your PC network
  • Automatic tool head recognition
  • Point of load insensitive
  • Visual, audible & vibrating alarms
  • Option of DIN, S/R or square heads
  • Has been tested to ISO6789-2007
Digital Torque Testers :

DTT Opta introduces a world of choice, features and flexibility to the tool test environment, with interchangeable transducer modules, built-in printer option, and software features tailored to the application requirement.

Key Features:
  • Easy-read display with simultaneous display of all relevant information
  • Tailored to your requirements - from simple readout to comprehensive audit tool and more
  • Communicates with your PC system
  • Interchangeable transducer modules with vertical or horizontal axis
  • Software shared with TorqueStarOpta.
Stationary Transducers :

Crane's stationary transducers are the quality choice for the testing of all continuous drive, impulse and hand torque tools in the workshop and production line-side environment.

Key Features:
  • Suitable for measurement of all continuous drive and hand torque tools
  • Plug and Play with Crane display systems (Auto ID)
  • Combine with joint kits for workshop simulation of hard to soft joints
  • Incorporate into custom built mobile test stations
Rotary Transducers :

In line torque transducers with angle measurement option.

Key Features:
  • Dynamic torque measurement of all continuous drive and impulse tools
  • Proven reliable performance for impulse tool measurement
  • Guaranteed no brush bounce
  • Compact design and no size increase for angle option
  • Plug and Play with Crane display systems (Auto ID)

Bottle Cap Torque Testers

We offer both manual and automatic cap torque testers.

Manual Cap Torque Testers :

Simple and easy to operate cap torque tester specifically designed for usage in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Key Features:
  • Drip proof, durable and portable
  • Accurate digital measurement of bottle top torque (Sigma, mean and range)
  • 200 date and time stamped reading memory
  • Data can be downloaded to PC or printer
  • Programmable torque threshold for fast and easy testing
Automatic Cap Torque Testers :

For Continuous Thread, Child-Resistance and Tamper-Evident Closures specifically designed for consumer safety, product integrity, package appearance and customer satisfaction.

Key Features:
  • Real time, automatic display
  • NIST traceable calibration procedure
  • Strain gauge transducer technology
  • Automatic container clamping and closure gripping – adjustable pressure
  • Adjustable torque application speed
  • 180 degree chuck rotation
  • Heavy duty components