Electric Vehicle & Battery Manufacturing

For the Automotive industry especially, the demands and desires of the typical end-user are firmly headed in the direction of electric vehicles. With that, requirements for improved EV battery technology for increased range and battery life is also growing.

With many countries also setting out new plans and commitments in the near future to achieve 100% sales of zero-emissions vehicles, investment in EV vehicles and battery plants is firmly on the rise.

Crane Electronics have developed the WrenchStar Multi-e digital torque wrench, specifically with electric vehicle and battery plant applications in mind.

The WrenchStar Multi-e is an insulated torque wrench that complies withIEC609000*, applicable to insulated hand tools used for working with or close to live parts, at voltages up to 1000V AC and 1500V DC. This international certification provides welcome reassurance for electric vehicle and battery manufacturers, where delivering operator safety is paramount.

The new insulative coating and isolated components makes the WSM-e ideal for use in electrically-live situations, with protection for the user in high voltage applications and security against product failure due to electrical damage. The addition of an inductive battery charging system removes the external charging contacts and complies to WPC/Qi standards, providing even further peace of mind in challenging environments.

*pending approval