Crisps Testing

Many texture tests can be performed on the crips themselves. Crispiness is a key characteristic and can greatly affect consumer acceptability. Measurement of the crispiness and fracturability  of crisps can be made using a penetration test with a texture analyser equipped with a crisp fracture support jig. This jig consists of a ball probe and a round hollow support mounted to the base table. The ball probe is driven down to apply a bending force to the crisp. The measurement is generally made for the first significant break in the crisp during the first compression cycle and is usually taken as the first peak force prior to the force dropping by at least 5%. In this way, the crispiness of the product can be evaluated to help develop the optimum cooking process. This test is also important in testing shelf life, by comparing crispiness of the “just-cooked” product to predict “sell by” dates.