Assembly Tool Torque Auditing

Crane Electronics offers a variety of torque management solutions for tool torque auditing; the testing and auditing of assembly tools and torque testing equipment, used during assembly within the aerospace industry.

In such a high quality and safety led industry that demands unparalleled protection, there is a greater need for the control and measurement of fastener and joint torque. Crane Electronics plays a crucial role in this capacity for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers of aircraft and key components like engines and fuselages.

Various solutions supply for this application includes;

Joint Simulator Benches – tJRS Opta

Tool Testing Stations – MTTS

Torque Software – OMS & OMS Lite

Data Collectors – IQVuTorqueStar series

Torque Transducers – CheckStar, CheckStar Multi

Assembly tool torque auditing is an essential process especially in the aerospace industry. Aircraft and components perform under the most extreme of conditions and pressures and must be built to withstand these pressures, to meet strict safety guidelines whilst also delivering comfort and smooth travel.

The solutions enable the customers to assess their tools and equipment performance levels and capabilities, which allows them to reduce and eliminate any potential quality or safety issues that could occur during or after assembly.