Bottle Cap Opening and Torque Testing

Crane Electronics have a rich history of supplying companies in the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries with solutions for the testing and auditing of fastening torque levels on the caps and closures of their packaging.

The CapStar torque tester has been utilised to ensure the correct level of tension is in place on a wide range of lids and caps such as medicinal containers, food jars and drinks bottles. The tester helps manufacturers to ensure the safety of products, prevent leaks and reduce the ergonomic issues associated with these products without compromising on safety, quality or freshness. Operators are also able to guarantee production quality whilst ensuring contents – which could be potentially harmful – remain sealed and secured.

Chatillon digital force tester with customised fixture enable users to measure the opening force of flip cap lids in the bottle testing industry. The concentric holder can be used to hold the bottle during test.